Sunday, May 1, 2011

So much new news!

So many new things have happened since I last blogged, I am not sure where to start! I spose I will start with the fact that I made it here to Oregon! Brion and I took a 10 day drive and stayed with family along the way, and here we are
We ended up in a dumpy little apartment, but at least we had a roof over our heads, so it was fine for a short stint. I will elaborate on the "fun" we have had here after a bit. My second chunk of news I spose would be the fact that I landed a job with the Oregon State Police. I work in thier general headquarters and do "records management". That translates to; I make sure the reports are in the computer, coded correctly, preserved for ever and ever, and that sort of fun stuff. The job really isn't "me" persay, but its a state job, so of course the benefits cant go wrong!!
Last, but certainly not least by a long shot, is my news that I bought a house!! Its actually a mobile home, but its big and spacious and in 10 years will be mine. The costs to move in werent much more then it would have cost me for deposits on a new place, and I knew we had to get out of where we were.
Things started falling apart on day two of apartment life....the towel bar broke off, the fridge never had the bars that hold food on the door, the dishwasher never had the thing to hold silverware (which sounds like a little thing but I seriously HATE washing silverware by hand....silly, I know!!)
Into about week two, the toilet overflowed for no apparent reason....2 inches of water all over the floor is bad though! especially when they never calked along the tub, so water just went right on through!! Other fun things in the apartment became apparent after a month or so.....Black mold growth all over the place....the morning the garbage disposal exploded was a fun one too! Picture if you will; Amy running around getting ready for work at job #2 (my part time job with a group home facility here in town) and cleaning out the fridge, cause she spots something taking on its own life goes down the disposal, and Amy unknowingly hits the disposal switch. The grinding starts out just fine....and suddenly BAM!! SPLOOOSH!! SPEW!! the thing explodes like a volcano out the OPPOSITE SIDE dousing Amy (in her work clothes of course) with goodies like onions, week old refried beans, leftover spaghetti from sometime in the previous two get the idea. It was gross!!!
Anyway, I digress, so I shall just post some new pics of my new house for those of you who want to see it. They all posted backwards...was going to start at the outside and work in, but I am still a blog newb, so I guess you get to start inside!!

The Laundry Room

Looking into the dining room

looking into the kitchen

The Living room

Front door side of the place

My little yard

So....Welcome to Oregon Amy!! I love it here so much and have had so much fun being able to enjoy my nephew more. He is the most amazing kid and so much fun!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ok Ok Ok!

Alright, so my mom told me (about two weeks ago) that people who might read this blog would assume I died or something since my last post was getting ready to go into surgery 5 months ago.

So here is a post to let you, my faithful readers (all three of you) that I am far from dead and so full of energy it would scare you!

I really dont have much to blog about. I am preparing to move back to Oregon. Not quite sure when, but as soon as I know I will have something noteworthy to blog about!

I think that is it for this edition...since I am technically supposed to be working on data entry at the moment...... :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

The time is here

Heart surgery on Tuesday. As much as I'd like to put it off forever due to fear, the time is here, and I am oddly kind of ready for it. I am tired and have no energy, and the stress of "not knowing" is INSANE!!!

I am putting a picture so you can see what the anatomy of the heart and the valve that needs to be replaced. In the picture you will notice there are three little "flaps" which is known as being "tri-cuspid". I was born with a "Bi-cuspid" or two flaps. Hence, my heart is wearing out the valve faster then normal.

So, I will go in Monday, 5/3 for an arterial catheterization procedure, and will stay there for surgery Tuesday Morning. I will update the blog when I am home.
Say a prayer and wish me good karma, luck, zen....whatever you wish!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

another great Restaurant name! mom and I passed this place and we just had to stop and take a picture....too bad its not next door to the "Cum Inn" which is in spokane (see one of my earlier blogs from my trip to washington!)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Visit from Sister!!

Well, it's about time I updated my blog!! My sister Sara and my handsome little nephew PJ came to visit this week. We had lots of fun and ran poor little PJ ragged!! We visited the Alamo, Riverwalk, Mercado, a cafe called Lulu's (which was featured on Man vs. Food) and we shopped all over the Texas Hill Country. The first two days were rainy, but it cleared up a little bit during thier trip. PJ got his first ever haircut, which was an adventure for me. It's been a while since I cut hair on a moving target!!

Here are two sexy sisters!
At the Alamo in the drizzle.

Sara eating a 3 pound cinnamon roll at Lulu's...doesnt she look vicious?? =)

PJ getting his very first haircut EVER! I know it LOOKS like he was sitting still, but I can assure you, he was a moving target!! I think you can get an idea if you look at the water spots all over Sara.

And finally, after dropping Sara and PJ off at the airport, mom and I did some shopping and I couldn't help it...I had to get a picture of this place. Too bad it's not right next door to the "Cum Inn" !!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Memory

In memory of my little pepper who lost his fight with a heart valve problem yesterday 10/21/09.

Monday, October 19, 2009

waging a war!! a little background before I go into my huge tirade about WHY I am waging a personal war.
The back yard USED to be a beautiful greenbelt area....deer ( a lot of them) wandered around in there and there were no privacy issues. It was part of what made the house so awesome!

Fast forward to the last few months: The deer have mostly been trapped and removed, the news that the new Boerne library was going in that lot surfaced, AND last but not least, The aforementioned greenbelt has become the holding ground for heavy equipment and large cement..."THINGS" for a road crew that is working down on main street.

It is bad enough that the land now looks like a muddy parking lot for bulldozers and cranes and whatnot, but I could actually live with that. The reason I wage my personal war is the fact that they have decided that the middle of the night is a GREAT TIME to move said equipment, and work on the road, to avoid the hassle of daily traffic on main street.

Picture if you will: It is are sleeping soundly, its a beautiful night, so you have a window open....BEEP BEEP BEEP *CRASH CRASH* BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!! Yes, thats right...back up signals and headlights and heavy machinary in your back yard, waking you up....30 minutes of the racket!!!
Finally you drift off again...a bit cranky but too tired to care at this point.....5:37am and again.....BEEP BEEP CRASH BANG CRASH BEEP BEEP!!!! At this point, bleary eyed, cranky, and lacking the majority of that nights sleep, you stumble in to prepare for an extra busy day at work.
Night falls and by 8 you are so tired you are glad to just fall into bed.....and again...night two, it begins again!!

This has been an ongoing problem for several months now, and it will happen for a few nights (till someone complains) then stop for a few nights, then resume yet again.

I have complained to the city, who tells me its a private company contracted through TX I called TX DOT this morning and basically was told "too bad!". and this my friends is where the battle begins!!

Step one of said battle: hand out flyers to the entire neighborhood with the name and number and contact information of who to call to complain.
Step two: find out if TXDOT really can ignore city sound ordinances, as they say they can, or if they are yankin my chain

Stay posted!!!